July 23, 2024


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Poverty As a Great Threat to the World Peace and Economy

Poverty is a great threat for society and the system of the world. In such state, laws seem to be minor, and they are easily violated. Our society is mostly exploited by starvation, penury, danger and several other problems. They all get birth from poverty because it is a mother of all evils. It means that a person, who comes under the meanest suffering of the poverty, can take any action to meet the needs.

Now, we discuss the causes of poverty. Its main causes are over -population, unemployment, illiteracy, poor industrial facilities and economic resources. Keeping the above causes of poverty in view, one can easily distinguish between the developed and the developing countries. The developed countries are prosperous with natural resources and industries. Despite such prosperity, they don’t stop exploring the new resources for becoming stronger in the field of the developed countries. It is useless to say that there is no poverty. Poverty is every where, and in the developed countries, it is found little. Its cause is the honest attention of such countries to their people, and that’s why suffering is less.

The developing countries are taking efforts to explore the natural resources and to increase industries for making themselves prosperous, but they are badly affected by the cruelty of starvation and poverty. It happens due to bad politics. It does nothing but creates problems which enfeeble the economy of the country and welcome famine. If famine comes, the economy of country falls and gets several years for restoration. Peace is changed into violence, and the ground favours the powerful persons.

The other cause of poverty is terrorism. It is more dangerous and its mother is poverty. The country accepts the politicians as the pillar but they are not. I think it is the lack of wisdom or education. Such problems mostly take birth in the developing countries because the aristocratic class, the middle class and the politics give importance to their needs. Besides, they keep all resources in their control. Their actions critically inflict the nation and in result, the poverty compels them to violate the rules and regulations. None wishes to become the part of terrorism, but it is starvation that eliminates all their valuable thoughts and controls their minds. A person who undergoes hardships and incessant suffering of life, he becomes anguished and tired of it. In result, he commits crimes which destroy the peace of society. Theft, robbery, kidnapping and murder are the root causes of terrorism. Our newspapers are over- loaded with such items, and electronic media are also alert for broadcasting such items of news several times in a day. The critical Poverty makes a person blind and mad. It is fact that a hungry man is always angry. He gives priority to money, and for its sake, he is ready to cross human being’s limits and explodes bombs in buses or in the busy spots of the country. Nowadays, this factor is very common, and it is a pure element of terrorism. He is used by the others for the sake of money, but the actual terrorists are those who hire such needy persons. It means that those who heap wealth and use them for negative and inhuman purposes, they are actual terrorist. They use the suffered and hungry people for their personal benefits. This factor is most common in developing countries.

The history is full of various examples of terrorism which are the result of bad poverty. So Peace seems to be impossible because there is no solution of starvation, even in the developed countries. When the developed countries come under the mania of it, they become blind and deaf and impose false charges on the weak or under developed countries. In result, they make war and rob them of their resources. One can find so many examples which are evident that they don’t give importance to mankind but to natural resources. They should not play such inhuman role. Such actions increase poverty and starvation, and in result, their safety will be at stake.

Poverty is also a great threat to the economy of the world. If we imagine a person whose earning is small, he can not meet his basic needs. It is impossible because eighty percent of population comes below the poverty line. All resources and economic institutes are handled by twenty percent of people. One can scan that a thirsty, hungry and homeless person can not let others live luxuriously and happily. All is happened due to mismanagement and wrong distribution of economic resources and inadequate facilities. Calvin Coolidge says that economy is always a guarantee of peace.

If we want to make our countries prosperous and developed in all fields, first of all these problems should be solved at any cast. In this way, we can defeat poverty, control terrorism and introduce a peaceful environment.