July 15, 2024


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New Concept In Contemporary Art – Lady Artist Showing Her Amazing Skill

New Concept In Contemporary Art – Lady Artist Showing Her Amazing Skill

The human world has always been changing, but the pace of change seems to have picked up dramatically in the last decade or two, with no stability visible on even long-range scanners. Rapid change is obvious in all of the technological, political, business and social fields, and there are changes in our environment and ecosystem that are probably caused by this increasing human activity.

The works of Satyabhama Majhi says everything about this changes. She also conceptualize fictional entities. She imagine structures, and make them. mental space includes many imaginary items. She uses shared mechanisms for storing abstract knowledge, and build on these abstractions to develop and share more abstractions works of art. But there are other limitations to inventiveness. No one could have imagined most of today’s technologies in the 10th century because even the basic building blocks for the concepts didn’t exist then. After vewing her work one can say, it is a real artistic expression, how everything is changing with increase of populations. She is brilliant at handelling it into her canvas and her work gives a strong message. Absolutely it is rare to find such talent now a days.

Satyabhama Majhi is one of the most talented upcoming young woman artist, showing her exclussive acrylic paintings at Ashok Art Gallery.Her works are on canvas and also on high quality paper. Size of works are not so big,it is easy to ship and rates are affordable. To view her works online, go our website.

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