May 25, 2024


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How Popular Are Machine Embroidery Designs?

Every sort of embroidery has decorative work done with a stitching needle of any kind. Embroidery may be done on number of fabrics from satin to canvas. Embroiderers, know for their imaginations, experiment, creativeness and learn from others which kind of stitch and thread works best and proceed to produce wonderful works of art, many times mixing types of embroidery.The development of the kind of needlework used for embroidery and the different styles of embroidery also evolved depending upon the various materials used by a certain culture, and were passed on from generations to generations and many of them have survived till nowadays. It was likely the first evolution of art, as man used decoration with artistic intentions as early as the invention of the needle and thread themselves.

Embroidery work is an expression of true art and culture loved by many today and in the past as well. It can also be a hobby where you do not need to give a great input. But most people find it boring as they find producing a stitched picture on a cloth to be uninteresting and a sheer waste of time. But, once you learn more about it, you may come to discover how incredibly fascinating it is.

Let us discuss some of the most popular Machine Embroidery Designs these days:-

Clothing Embroidery Designs: They have become the most popular and widely available embroidery designs. The digitized versions can be directly downloaded from websites or can be easily purchased from local embroidery shops or one can get free embroidery designs over the internet also and then can be easily sewn on to garments using computerized embroidery machines. The various Clothing Embroidery designs include -Dinner suit embroidery, Fashion wear embroidery, Ladies garments embroidery, Men’s wear embroidery, Trouser embroidery, Children clothing embroidery etc.Clothing embroidery leave a lasting impression on everyone. So make sure you make a good impression by choosing the right garments.

Crazy Work Design: Crazy work is made by binding different size and shape pieces of fabric together to form a larger piece of fabric. This fabric then can be used in making a quilt or other projects, such as table cover, cushions, etc.

Household Embroidery Designs: These types of designs are for house-hold garments like wall hangings, carpets, bed-sheets, curtains etc. They are created by masters only because of the complex designs, colors and the size demands.

Logo Embroidery Designs: Logos are designed for garments such as Trousers, Tops, T-shirts, Sweatshirts, and Jackets, caps, shoes, gloves etc. They are also created by professionals and are usually custom-made on demand basis. The artwork, outlines, texts and size are paid precise attention.

Toweling Embroidery: It was very famous in the 1870’s. It was named as it is prepared from a thick material that was suited for towels. It consists of Face cloths to bath sheets and towelling robes all suitable for embroidery.

Almost any effect desired can be created in machine embroidery designs – from simple line to fancy stitches with beads, baubles and anything else attached. Embroidery is definitely one of the most versatile crafts ever created.