July 23, 2024


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Wildlife Wednesday – Underwater at Wakatobi, Indonesia!


A quite popular French diver once known as Indonesia’s Wakatobi an underwater Nirvana. I am not going to quibble with Jacques Cousteau. Previous 7 days I traveled with incredibly excellent close friends and major underwater images gearheads (which I am not) to this island archipelago. My good friends endured dropped luggage and had to hire products, and I, a fish out of h2o undertaking underwater digital camera work, battled in opposition to much better-than-envisioned currents, a leaking mask, and balky SD cards. Luckily on the past couple times of taking pictures things worked on their own out  and I managed to get a few seriously awesome photographs that will fit very nicely in the substantial new wildlife ebook coming out up coming calendar year!

A single of the much more hard areas of photographing underwater in this and similar areas are venomous fish – in this scenario, scorpion fish. On leading of managing the underwater camera procedure even though trying to continue to be continuous in a complicated present-day and not scaring absent my subjects, I also experienced to keep myself from disturbing the sea flooring. At a person point my underwater information and myself have been balancing ourselves on a tiny wood dowel trapped into the sea floor to consider to stabilize ourselves. It wasn’t quick, but it was value it – take pleasure in the photos!

I used a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV camera with an EF8-15mm f/4L FISHEYE USM lens in a Nauticam underwater housing.


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