July 23, 2024


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What is Kirlian Photography?

This is an amazing form of technology that in fact shows more in a photo than our naked eyes can see. Its details enhance the subtle energetic environment around any form of life. Kirlian photography is a major player in pseudo-scientific research, it’s a form of aura photography and thus depends on electric field and energy discharges that occur between elements. However, the camera used greatly dictates the results.

Inventions in this field started as early as the 18th century. It’s though important to note that Kirlian was the successful one in achieving this one of a kind results and thus the photography named after him. Simply this is also known as electrography. Visibility of acupuncture points in the human body is one of the great achievements of this photography.

Kirlian photography has been instrumental in helping many realize that the structure of the world relies on energy transfer that indeed surpasses ordinary understanding of the human mind and naked eye. Further interesting is the fact that it has shown even animate objects influence the camera in this photography. Its should be noted that its an instrumental component in the study of energetic fields and living objects.

Though still controversial, in Kirlian photography, the picture impression will depend on physical phenomena such as high voltage corona effects. Some critic of this photography argues that, if indeed this photography captures more than the ordinary electric charges, then we must be victims of self denial. However, if the opposite, then we have a ground reality to stand with. To be honest, I’ll leave you to choose what side to believe in.