July 19, 2024


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We Can Paint Our Home But Can We Decorate It?

Home is the place where you can escape the rest of the world and feel comfortable and safe. We tend to make our homes as cheerful, but also as functional as possible. They need to allow us to rest, work, cook or eat in decent conditions.

When redecorating, or decorating a new home, the ideas and possibilities are unlimited. Magazines, internet sites and even our personal experience will provide us with fun and practical options for both painting and decorating. A home usually covers all the personal needs of its inhabitants. In an apartment with a single occupant you won’t find as many furniture as in the house of a family with children.

Decorating needs to be in strict relation with the purpose a room is serving. A bedroom needs to inspire you to relax, to forget about work and go to sleep. Warm colors are usually covering the walls of a bedroom. There shouldn’t be much furniture besides a large bed with bedside tables and maybe a wardrobe. Reading lamps by the bed in yellow or orange shades complete the intimate and calm atmosphere of a bedroom.

Decorating a baby’s room is an interesting challenge. The sex of the baby is the departure point in this process. It dictates the variety of colors in the room. Light blue on the walls, with some clouds painted on it, or maybe a few cartoon-like fish will provide the emotional comfort a little boy needs; of course a fluffy carpet, too and toy cars all over it. A little princess will enjoy staying in a room with pink walls painted with flowers or butterflies, where a doll-house will complete the image of her little bed. It is important to use emulsion with little or no smell.

The decorations of the kitchen and the bathroom are more impersonal because these rooms are used by everybody and they have a specific purpose. Still you can choose stylish but practical kitchen furniture in a friendly color, let’s say green, which will revive the aspect of the room. When a bathroom belongs to only one person it can be very personalized with little delicate cabinets for a girl’s cosmetics and small potpourris here and there or with practical shelves for a man.

According to your specific case you can have fun redecorating your home, the best suitable way for you or your family. Don’t forget to search for ideas before you start a major transformation of your place. Offer your home the colors, the furniture and decorations which will make you happy.