July 13, 2024


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The female-founded and female-first NFT Gallery has now opened in London



Exhibition Floor Tension

Floor Rigidity makes it possible for objects with a increased density than liquid to relaxation on its floor without starting to be submerged, generating an impenetrable veneer. Human beings use masks in the same way. The mask, be it a bodily barrier or disguise, makes it possible for its wearer to behave unexpectedly or in methods other than they would normally allow on their own without having it. The mask lets for otherworldliness, for the transmission of concealed, or not-so-concealed messages. All the while the mask seduces with its beauty or disturbs with its unpleasantness, distracting the viewer from what lies beneath.

Females are sorely underrepresented in the NFT sphere and in the Artwork Planet in typical, both equally as artists and collectors. For the inaugural clearly show at The NFT Gallery we emphasize feminine artists functioning in each arenas, unmasking the mystique around NFTs. We show the get the job done of NFT artists together with the operate of founded, regular artists who we have commissioned to build NFTs, so that each can study from the other. The operates and artist do not will need to scream about feminism or femininity in purchase to be listened to or equal the participating in field, their bodily and even virtual existence represents their worth.

Paulina Almira, Silia Ka Tung and Postwook build their have worlds and narratives to assistance make perception of our personal. Their colourful and playful imagery make a veil, drawing us in to explore the darker interior workings of the brain. Conversely Sarah Meyohas unmasks systems and technologies by way of her visible language, Bitchcoin, a cryptocurrency backed by bodily artworks, concerns the speculative value of cryptocurrency and the ineffable benefit of artwork. Aitana Basquiat operates with the motif of a sculptural human to check out a surrealist eyesight questioning what it is that would make us human even though Lili Eva Bartha’s encounter will allow clothing to develop on the virtual overall body of the viewer.  Shadi Ghadirian, by way of her sepia toned photography troubles us to think about recent gender roles and Rebel Society’s virtual portraits of imagined gals, their faces disguised by make-up, sticking two fingers up at the patriarchy.

Exhibition | Area Rigidity

9 June 2022 – 22 July 2022

The NFT Gallery

5-7 Dover Street, London W1S 4LD, United Kingdom


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