July 19, 2024


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The Budget-Friendly Guide to Wedding Photography

Finding someone who can capture the memories of your wedding at a price that you can absorb is one of the biggest challenges of planning the event. Coordinating flowers, music, food, and other details can be a logistical nightmare, of course. But, selecting the right wedding photographer is a decision that carries unique considerations. In 20 years, when you ask your guests to recall their memories from the event, they won’t remember the food. Nor will they recollect the flowers and music. Few will even recall the venue. Your pictures will be the lasting memory of your most cherished celebration.

Unfortunately, wedding photography is expensive. The pictures alone can cost nearly $2,000. Additional services – for example, videography, DVDs, and prints – can catapult the price higher. When you’re planning the event on a limited budget, the cost of good photographs can make your heart stop. In this article, I’ll provide several ideas that you can use to trim the expense while ensuring the memories are properly captured.

Choose A Basic Package

Most wedding photography professionals offer a basic package. They typically (though not always) exclude extras such as an album, prints, photos during the rehearsal dinner, and other services that quickly boost the price. By contrast, a basic package will normally include a predetermined number of pictures from both the ceremony and reception. You are, in essence, paying only for the professional’s time and expertise. Once you save enough money, you can buy the extras that you want.

Can You Reduce The Hours?

Nearly all photographers charge based upon the number of hours they expect to spend at your event. If your reception is an all-night (and early morning) affair, and you want photographs taken during the entire celebration, expect to pay a higher price. If possible, limit the number of hours for which you hire your photographer. That doesn’t mean you need to shorten your reception; just the time during which you want pictures taken.

Interview More Wedding Photography Professionals

A lot of couples pick their wedding photography professional based upon recommendations from friends and family. To be sure, those recommendations can be valuable. However, if the professionals to whom you’ve been referred are expensive and your budget is extremely limited, it may be time to consider other options. In truth, there may be dozens of professionals in your area who can deliver great pictures. Venture outside your referral circle. Visit and interview other experts. You may uncover an inexpensive, yet wildly talented gem.

Call The Local Paper

The people who take the photographs that appear in your local newspaper are experienced photographers; they’re often very talented. They’ll have an intuitive grasp of being able to capture a moment and tell a compelling story through a well-placed image. Plus, many of them may be searching for opportunities to make extra money during the weekends. Calling your local paper isn’t an ideal approach to finding a wedding photography professional, of course. But, if you’re drowning under a mounting bill for the event, this can be a great option for saving money.

Creating The Memories

I’ve just given you several ideas for trimming the cost of your Chicago wedding photography, or anywhere. It’s also important to keep in mind that an experienced photographer can do a lot with very little. That is, they don’t need a spectacular setting to make an image come alive.

They don’t require extravagance in order to capture moments that tell a crisp, memorable story. In fact, many wedding photography professionals contend that simplicity has a breathtaking power that opulence can’t hope to match. When captured properly, it can perfectly encapsulate the moment. Whether you’re getting married in a barn, at the beach, or in a castle, the memories should live on with the magic of the original event.