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The 9 Best Websites for Buying Second-Hand Photography Gear

As you become more experienced in your photography journey, you’ll learn more about different types of gear and the brands that fit your style the best. And while you can go ahead and purchase brand-new items, doing so often comes with a hefty price tag.

Unless you know someone who’s happy to donate their old gear to you, purchasing second-hand photography gear is the best way to save money (and the environment). Thanks to the internet, you can get everything you need shipped to your house.

But which websites are the best for purchasing second-hand photography gear? Keep reading to discover our top nine picks.

Screenshot Showing MPB Lenses Page

MPB is a sizable second-hand seller that caters to photographers and videographers. The company aims to make it affordable to create great content and reduce the environmental impact of new gear.

On the MPB website, you’ll find a vast range of camera bodies and lenses for several brands—including Fujifilm, Nikon, and Leica. You can choose from several DSLR cameras, as well as mirrorless ones.

If you want to offset the costs even further, MPB can potentially buy or exchange your old gear. Once you’ve submitted what you want to sell, a courier will pick it up for free.

MPB ships mainly within the EU and UK.

KEH Camera Homepage Screenshot

KEH Camera is one of the best-known second-hand photography gear sellers. In addition to a wide selection of camera bodies and lenses, you can also buy other forms of equipment—such as tripods.


You’ll also find several video cameras and accessories on the KEH Camera website. These include bags, lens adapters, and camera mounts. If you’ve lost your lens cap or want to give drone photography a shot, you’ll find that there as well.

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KEH primarily serves the US, but you can also get items shipped to you if you live in Canada. Further afield, the site can arrange international shipping for you; prices will vary depending on your location.

Screenshot showing photography gear on eBay

Whenever anyone mentions some kind of second-hand eCommerce site, eBay will almost certainly be one of the first names you think of. While it has seen a lot of competition emerge in the 21st century, the platform remains a popular place to shop online.

If you can’t find the exact piece of photography equipment you want elsewhere, it’ll probably be on eBay. In addition to official versions of lenses, tripods, and so on, you can also find third-party versions.

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eBay is available in several countries, including the UK, Australia, and India. In addition to buying items from others, you can also use the platform to sell your unwanted photography equipment.

Screenshot showing page on Amazon for cameras

You can find most photography equipment you need on Amazon and buy it brand-new. But you’ll also have the opportunity to purchase something that another person has used and decided to sell instead.

Amazon’s used second-hand photography gear varies in condition and is shipped from various parts of the world. In some instances, you can get free shipping—whereas other times will require that you pay for it to be sent to you.

Amazon is available in several countries, including the UK and US. In some places where it isn’t available, you might still be able to use it—for example, people living in Denmark can use the German version and pay for international shipping.

Camera World Website Screenshot

Camera World is another famous second-hand photography website, with a huge range of equipment available. You can buy DSLR and mirrorless camera bodies from some of the world’s top brands and—if you’re feeling retro—single-use disposable ones.

In addition to its camera equipment, you can also buy lens filters and bags for your gear. The website also sells tripods, plus much more.

Camera World ships primarily within the UK, but international deliveries are possible if you live within the EU.

Screenshot from UsedPhotoPro Website

UsedPhotoPro is a second-hand photography equipment seller based in Indianapolis, Indiana. You can purchase DSLR cameras, as well as film SLRs. If you fancy using a mirrorless one instead, this is also possible.

In addition to buying camera equipment, UsedPhotoPro also allows you to rent gear if you want to try it out before purchasing—or if you only need it for something very specific.

UsedPhotoPro offers a warranty on its items. You can use the site if you live in the US, except for Hawaii and Alaska.

CeX Website Search Screenshot

CeX is a large second-hand seller with a physical presence throughout the UK. The store sells various forms of tech, including cameras and smartphones.

In addition to its land-based stores, CeX has a website where you can buy several photography-related products that you might not have been able to find in-store. The store sells both cameras and lenses.

CeX ships throughout the UK, apart from the Channel Islands. However, you cannot use the service if you live outside the country.

BH Photo Screenshot From Lens Page

B&H is a large second-hand tech seller that is headquartered in New York City. Its website sells a wide range of digital cameras, along with several lenses. In addition to standard lenses for cameras, you can also purchase specialty ones to achieve certain effects.

If you work a lot indoors, B&H can help you out with lighting modifiers and accessories. The website also has computers and tablets to assist you with your workflow, plus more.

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B&H ships in the US and Canada and multiple countries worldwide, including Germany, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

Screenshot from Swappa website

Finishing off our list of the best second-hand photography websites is Swappa. This marketplace facilitates sales between users, and you can find a good range of equipment available—including GoPros and fixed-lens cameras.

Swappa operates within the US, and international shipping is challenging, if not impossible.

Second-Hand Gear Is Good for Your Wallet and the Environment

Upgrading your gadgets is one of the most exciting things about being a photographer. But as you’ll know, when you’ve been in the field for any length of time, doing so can quickly get expensive.

Luckily, you can find several places to buy second-hand photography gear online—and you’re not as restricted by location as was once the case. The websites on this list will help you get what you need, save a couple of dollars in the process, and also reduce your environmental footprint.

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