July 19, 2024


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Succeeding As A Rap Artist

How The Internet Has Changed Music Forever

We are living in one of the best times rights now, the Internet age. Because of this, the music industry has changed and now anyone who has the passion for rapping can become successful and live off it. You no longer have to go to an expensive recording studio anymore like you did 10 years ago. Now home recording equipment is cheap and the quality of it is good enough to make a professional recording right from your bedroom.

The mainstream music industry is dying because digital distribution and direct product-to-consumer has taken over. You no longer need a middle man like an A&R Rep or even a Record Label anymore. In fact, you will probably make more money not going that route.

The internet has made it so you can sell your music directly to fans and music listeners. Right now is the best time more than ever to become an indie rapper.

Live and Make Money From Your Passion

If you like rapping why not try to make money from it? Why work a 9 to 5, when you can live off what you love to do. Why not inspire people. Thousands, maybe millions of loyal fans waiting for your next mixtape or album to be released. Money in your pocket to buy the things you want, do what you want, Living the life you deserve.

All that is really needed is home recording equipment, a website or blog, and beats. Not just any beats, you need original beats. You don’t want to use beats that everyone else has already. Original beats will really help your music stand out from the crowd.

Albums and mixtapes are not the only way you can make money from your music, you can now license your tracks to production libraries and have them in television commercials, YouTube videos, movies/films and even video games! The Internet has dramatically increased the demand for creative and original music.

Buying Beats

If you really want to be successful as an indie rap artist, then you must take your craft seriously and invest in high-quality original beats. 10 years ago a beat from Just Blaze or Jay-Z’s producer would cost you tens of thousands of dollars. Just for one beat. That’s crazy right? Now you can buy beats of the same quality for a small $20. Which is nothing compared to the amount of money you can make from selling your music online.