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She Is Starting A Community Clay Studio | Jordyn Brummett | Episode 845


Jordyn Brummett | Episode 845

She Is Starting A Community Clay Studio | Jordyn Brummett | Episode 845

Jordyn Brummett is a wife, mom, and ceramic artist living in Huntsville, Alabama. Jordyn has a BFA in Art Education with an emphasis in ceramics. She creates out of the overflow of the healing and rest Jordyn receives from her art practice which has led her to open The Vessel – a community ceramics studio.


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You have an offering of pottery classes in your bio. It seems like anyone, any level is welcome. Do you feel like that’s the open door for bringing people into the studio?

Yeah, so kind of the vision is we want to have really accessible options for people so we are going to have a one time try it class. You don’t have to have tools, you just show up, try it, and see what you think. And hopefully that would lead someone to want to learn more and maybe sign up for a course. Or maybe someone doesn’t want to mess with the try it and they know they want to learn so maybe they will sign up for a four week course. So we plan to offer different lengths to kind of cater to different  commitment interests basically.

It looks like you will be offering workshops that include an expert and will attract potters in your area and your place will become a hub for the larger community in general.

Yes, absolutely. So workshops kind of has two ideas there where we would love to bring in some respectable artists to teach a workshop. We even have some local artists who would do a really great job. They know far more than me because they have been doing it multiple decades longer than I have. That’s the thing, Ashlyn and I are both young and we recognize there is a lot we don’t know yet, but we want to create the space where we can bring people in who do know a lot more than us and we can bring the education to Huntsville.

Then you have the membership level where there is a commitment to greater amount of time and people can say, This is where I work, this is where I fire my work, I am a member here. 

Membership is one of the sole reasons I wanted to start a community. Anyone who has been part of a clay community whether it’s in art school or in a studio with a bunch of friends, clay is community and the memberships is where community is really going to be able to happen. I believe wholeheartedly in the growth that can happen within a person through the clay process but I think that happens when it’s a committed art practice and the added element within a community. I just think so much growth as a person and beauty happens there, it’s going to be so much fun.

Your bio mentions that you are offering private events, it seems like a way that groups can come in and make this an actual memory maker for their group of people.

Yes, I think that the private events has been one of the things that already I have had a lot of inquiries about. Local businesses wanting to do employee events or just a group of friends wanting to do it.  But especially local businesses, they love kind of have those fun let loose experiences for their employees. We want to be a space where people can come and refresh and escape from the work, the everyday and just have fun and discover. So we are excited to offer that to the community.

What is one thing that you had no idea you would have to deal with that has already come up?

That’s a hard question. Okay, I’ll say this, I think one thing I have been in my home studio or in my home dreaming up this vision, plan, you know, doing my work solo and now I want to expand it to involve lots of people and I think that one thing that has been such a good learning curve is how to do this with people and for people and I think that’s the piece of owning a business that’s been surprising. You know, thinking about having future employees, I am going to have to be the one overseeing things and that is a big learning curve for me.


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