June 18, 2024


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Pramod Rajput — From A Small Village Of Bihar India To International Platforms

Pramod Rajput, born in a small village in Bihar, India, and a US citizen, is a Software Architect, a renowned Hindi/Urdu poet, and a novelist. He got instant popularity when his poetry was quoted in the Indian Parliament by non-other than but honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi on 7th Feb 2019. 

His first book, “AA JEE LEIN ZARA” in the Hindi Language which has a collection of 100 ghazals and nazms, has been in the market worldwide since Sept 2019 and is liked by people. Many of his poetries have been composed and available as songs. He has also published two romance novels, “SEVEN COLORS OF LOVE” in English and “SAAT RANG PYAAR KE” in Hindi. 

His books are available on amazon all over the world. Pramod Rajput shares the stage with renowned Hindi/Urdu poets all over the globe in Mushairas and Kavi Sammelan and is loved by people immensely. He is working hard to popularize Indian National Language HINDI in the USA, where hardly anyone speaks this language. 

Pramod Rajput’s creations are mainly around different emotions of human beings. His expertise is in romance, but he can portray other emotions like pain, happiness, frustration, motivation, etc., with equal ease. That is why his writings touch readers’ hearts; everyone can relate to them.

Pramod has set many new scales for poets and writers in general. The boundaries are not challenging to reach if one is dedicated and passionate about helping people acknowledge their emotions and feelings. Through his writings, one can understand the power of poems and how they affect the human psyche and expression.

The Science of Poetry

When I say the science of poetry, I mean the immense talent and deep intellect that goes into writing a poem of value that moves the readers. Poetry has been a medium through which human emotions are expressed with the utmost clarity and precision. Poetry is the feelings of lovers put forth in words and the cries of a grief-stricken father.

Diction is an essential part of any poetic work. The kinds of words you choose play a significant role in their effect on the readers. More than the literal meaning behind the comments, they carry a profound connotation used by the poets as a weapon to provoke a deep emotional response from the audiences.

Poetry, an ancient form of creative expression, allows writers to convey thoughts, ideas, and feelings rhythmically. Often, they elicit an emotional response from readers and listeners. People worldwide admire poetry and strive to become a poet, but many stops short due to the belief that poetic ability is innate and cannot be learned, but is that true?

Poetry is a natural talent and a skill that people can learn. With imagination, emotion, and creativity, anyone can become a poet. Some seem to have a natural affinity and ability for writing poetry, whereas others require years of study to create impactful works.