July 15, 2024


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Pickup Artist MySpace – Use This Line to Date Girls!

Pickup Artist MySpace – Use This Line to Date Girls!

There are infinite amounts of hot girls that use Facebook and MySpace. In fact if you’re not taking advantage of that fact in order to try and date as many of them as you can, then you are selling yourself short on your incredible dating potential.

You can date many girls you meet on MySpace using a few well crafted pickup artist MySpace lines and it has absolutely nothing to do with looks or money.

You do though have to make your profile look desirable to hot girls and there is lots of advice online to help you do that. Only when your profile is ready would I then start searching for hot girls to message.

I would try the following line, just cut and paste it and send it to many hot girls and see how many responses you get.

“Oh hey there…i thought it was you, I had to leave early the other night. By the way if you want your belt back…you know where to come for it!”

Now obviously she is not going to have a clue what is going on, but she will be incredibly intrigued (this is where having an awesome profile comes in) and will take a look at your profile. If you are worthy of any more of her time then she will send you a message back. You are now on your way! But of course it helps to know what to say after this!

Thankfully there are more Pickup Artist MySpace tips out there that are guaranteed to help you get as many dates as you want!