July 23, 2024


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Most In Demand Tattoo Designs for Body Art

Tattoo Tips for Body Art Designs

There are thousands of designs to choose from online, and it can be quite frustrating to search for one unless you already know ahead of time just what you want. Below are the major categories for the top tattoo styles below.

Beginner Tips

If you are uneasy about an image, try getting a stencil of the tattoo design you are considering and seeing what it looks like on you. Another best bet is to get a temporary tattoo in the form of a henna tattoo. Although henna is usually a dark brown pigment and not multicolored, you can “test drive” your design and gauge your emotional reaction to it.

Most Popular Design Choices

CELTIC – Dating back to the Celtic Civilization of Ireland, Wales and Scottland, filigree designs displaying twisted wire-like representation.

ANGEL – Ever popular with the young and the old, angels are associated with divine goodness, purity and spiritual love.

BUTTERFLY – Especially women are drawn to the natural beauty of butterflies you’ve seen and ones you can dream up.

KANJI – Symbolic characters based on ancient Chinese and Japanese hand drawn writing, there are half a million characters to choose from. Research your choice of a meaningful phrase or keyword online.

FLOWER – Popular with women are the timeless representations of beauty.

TRIBAL – Tribal tattoos have been practiced in one form or another for millennia and their current popularity show no sign of slowing down. Included in this category of tribal tattoos are Maori tattoos, Polynesian and Haida style of tattoos.

SWALLOW – Swallow tattoos used to be the preserve of sailors but have come full circle and are the ultimate in old school hip.

BLACK AND GRAY – Black and gray tattoos are generally believed to have started in prisons in the United States but have evolved into a popular style of tattoo. Certain tattoo artists specialize in this style and have become well known for it.

BIKER – Biker tattoos usually depict the biker club or gang the biker belongs to. Skulls, snakes and dice tattoos are often be seen on bikers along with fantasy style and Norse tattoos depicting mythical creatures.

STAR – Shooting star tattoos and nautical stars are the most popular form of tattoo design based the high number of searches to this website and according to many tattooists.