July 23, 2024


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“Metamorphe” by Artists Jenni Pasanen & Reuben Wu


A breathtaking collection discovering several transmutations of the Earth’s surface by artists Jenni Pasanen and Reuben Wu. “Metamorphe” consists of six formations recalling the senses Contact, Sight, Hearing, Smell, Style, and Perception. Each gargantuan framework seems chic and beyond emotion, as if creating on features of extinct beings or a subconscious memory of the planet’s bygone ecology.

The undertaking emerged in excess of the system of six months, with Pasanen and Wu performing together remotely, passing iterations back and forth. Their intention was to build a little something solely new using the medium of generative adversarial networks (GAN) blended with painting and photography. Some pieces have been seeded from Pasanen’s AI/GAN creations, though many others advanced from Wu’s drone lit photography — all refined and finessed intricately by hand:

“Humans are psychological beings, their decisions led by their feelings. A device has no this kind of constraints, enabling it to conceive what our minds could under no circumstances be capable of on their own. This method spawns new unimaginable sorts and can take us down undiscovered paths, main to the generation of a new medium which unifies human creativeness with device discovering.”

Look at out the undertaking on Basis or have a glance at more images from “Metamorphe” underneath!


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