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Manistee loses another of its highly respected Civil War veterans, 100 years ago


The following news items are reprinted from the Manistee Daily News for the week June 2-8, 1922 and are compiled by Teena Kracht from the newspaper archives of the Manistee County Historical Museum. 

“Announcement today that another group of visitors is coming to Manistee in the summer indicated that this city will have an excellent chance to show off to perfection, and to do so to people whose impressions will make or break her popularity. 

“The latest group is the Michigan Commercial Secretaries association … 

“The members will assemble at Grand Rapids, and start the (automobile tour) at 7 o’clock Thursday morning, July 27.  Manistee will be the first night stop, the visitors arriving here about 4 o’clock in the afternoon.  About 40 will comprise the party. 

“They will be introduced immediately to Lake Michigan where they can wash off the dust of the day’s drive, after which supper will be served.  The entertainment in the evening will be a pavement dance … .

“Emil Nord, well known former member of the local police force, today announces his candidacy for the Republican nomination for sheriff at the September primary election. 

“A resident of Manistee for 35 years, Mr. Nord has an excellent record of service as a police officer. In his 14 years on the police force, he served eight years as assistant chief … (He) promises, if chosen, to show no favoritism in law enforcement in the county and to conduct the affairs of the office efficiently and economically. 

“The work of Police Chief Grady has received suitable recognition by a big town police department, as shown by the following letter received here today from James E. McCarthy, deputy chief of detectives, Detroit.  The letter refers to the recent capture of Raymond and Earl Haefner. 

“‘I wish to thank you for the wonderful assistance that you rendered my officers while they were in your city.  Sergt. Lee Hicks and Detective James Neville have just returned and they have informed me of the valuable cooperation that you gave them.’ 

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“When the officers arrived here they had small hopes that they would return with Ray Haefner, who was captured in a deserted shack, which makes the compliment to Chief Grady more significant.  

“Reform is a bird that is always flying in our direction but never gets here. 

“Longest daylight days of the year are near.  They are from June 16 to 23 inclusive, each 15 hours and 17 minutes from sunrise to sunset.  Summer begins officially June 22 at 12:27 a.m.  

“Kissing his mother never got a man into trouble. 

“Cucumbers contain 90% of water.  The rest is seeds. 

“Bobbed hair is practically all alike.  The only difference is the girl. 

“If Babe Ruth wanted to throw dust, or mud, or bricks, he should have gone out of baseball and into politics. 

“Not particularly important:  It takes 5,000 bees to weigh a pound.  But a single one packs a punch in his stinger that can make an elephant wince. 

“A switch engine emergency air drum exploded in the Burlington railroad yards here late yesterday, the flying steel cylinder head tearing off the left leg of fireman Leslie Bailey, but not otherwise seriously injuring him. — Clinton, Iowa, Herald.

“So-da-licious.  That’s what you will say. 

“Our sodas are as near perfection as pure ingredients and expert dispensing can make them.  You will know the difference between a so-called soda and a real one after you have visited our Fountain.  Rich cream, pure fruits and pure fruit flavors, wholesome ice cream and the coolest, livest, sparkling soda obtainable. 

“Sanitary service, too, developed to the utmost.  Sterilized dishes–these are some of the reasons why we merit your patronage.  SPECIAL RASPBERRY FRUIT ICE CREAM With Any Topping … City Drug … .


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