July 15, 2024


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Learn Digital Photography – How to Take a Great Photo Every Time

Learn Digital Photography – How to Take a Great Photo Every Time

Do you think that every time you press your shutter button you can take a great image? Your answer is probably no, but, mine is yes. If you are prepared to put into practise just a few simple keys that will help you learn digital photography properly, you can do it every time. Here’s how.

In my personal photographic journey as I started to learn digital photography, I suffered from the disease of digital which is to shoot as much as possible, as quickly as possible in the hope of a few great images. It doesn’t work. Itchy trigger fingers are for cowboy movies and not photography. If you can get past this barrier then you are one step towards achieving success. Let me show you how to take a great photo every time.

1. Think before your shoot

Digital photography has created a generation of thoughtless photographers. Why? Because it is so cheap, after the initial investment, with the lack of the development and printing costs of film. In the good old days each time you clicked the shutter dollar signs registered in your brain. So before your press the button, think. Is this the image that you want? Are all the elements here for a good image?

2. Focus on your subject

Don’t even think about pushing the shutter button before you have chosen your subject and have made it the focal point of the image. If the subject doesn’t clearly shout out that it is the subject then it isn’t and you can’t take the picture. As you learn digital photography this is the most important part of composition.

3. Keep it simple

Too much in the image is just as bad as no subject or focal point. Exclude as much of the clutter in an image as possible; all the extra stuff that isn’t necessary and doesn’t add anything of significance to the image. Less is more as the old adage goes. A simple subject or object on an uncluttered background will make a more pleasing image than one with too many distractions.

4. Get in closer

This is especially true for people photos. The memories you are creating for the future need to be memorable so get in closer in order to see more of the person. One of my all time favourite images is one of my grandma who died many years ago. It’s just of her face with all the wrinkles and lines of wisdom. It characterises who she was and how I remembered her. I have others but they just don’t mean as much as the close-up.

5. Change your angle

A small change of position will often add a dimension that gives quality and character to a photo. Everyone shoots from right in front of a subject or scene at about 1.5 metres above the ground. Try varying your viewpoint or angle. Get down lower, up higher or just use your feet to move a little to the left or right. Small changes often result in big improvements so always be aware of your position in relation to your subject.

These are a just a few basics as your learn digital photography. If you apply them every time you shoot an image I can guarantee that you will take great photos every time. It just means that you will shoot less but have better results. Happy shooting!