April 22, 2024


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“Le Gang Des Potelets” by Benjamin Malick in Paris, France – StreetArtNews


Multi-disciplinary artist Benjamin Malick shares his venture “Le Gang Des Potelets” in Paris, France. Le Gang Des Potelets is a road artwork principle, aiming to symbolise the culture by means of the embodiment of Parisian poles.

Benjamin offers existence to his figures thanks to distinct technics such as scultpure, mosaic, pochoir, etc. Each piece signifies various component of the male / woman in our culture : need, passion, record, financial and social stage, lifestyle, origins, and more.

All these figures form a clan, a gang — le Gang des Potelets (The Gang of Bollards).

Benjamin Malick is centered in between Paris, Libreville and Dubai. Born in France to French-Algerian dad and mom, he grew up in Gabon (Africa). Enhanced by his multi-cultural upbringing, he produced a powerful passion and curiosity for travels, adventures and social & environmental will cause which right now encourage most of his creative do the job.

Applying a multi-disciplinary technique, he revisits cultures & traditions and brings together his documentary-type pictures with sculptures, road art & collage approaches. With a surreal and dreamlike contact, Benjamin Malick aims to uncover social and cultural variances at periods decrypting regarded stereotypes and highlighting unidentified realities.

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