June 19, 2024


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Interior Design – What is it? Learning it in School

Many people who grow up with an eye for art and design go through a host of different professional scenarios before finally deciding that they’d like to be an designer. Design can be a very rewarding profession. A life in the day of an designer can be exhilarating and relaxing all in one. This is because interior designers tend to be self-employed and run their own schedules, thus not working under any supervision. For those who are interested in entering into a career as an designer, it can be massively beneficial to attend school. Learning design in school is one of the best ways to lay the groundwork for the discipline. But what exactly is design?

The Basics of Interior Design

Interior design is somewhat of a catchall phrase that basically refers to the design component of the inside of one’s home. Design is basically the layout, functionality and decoration of your home. In this sense, everyone who has ever worked on designing the inside of their home is an designer. However, there are professional designers who devote their whole lives to training their eyes to find the best possible design within a room, a skill that can only be learned through experienced and education. Interior designers are highly sought after by those who want to beautify their homes in a way that they personally can’t.

Learning Interior Design

Learning design in college can be an enjoyable and highly educational experience. Since design is as much dependent on the field of art than anything else, those who wish to enter this field will likely take a dedicated design course. Design Schools have specialized programs to help train designers how to effectively use color, space, and shapes to make a statement in a house.

Is Interior Design for You?

Being an designer can be very satisfying. If you have a love of colors and visual design then it might be just what you’re looking for. Contact a few design schools to find out which one is best for you, and start learning more about interior design!