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I use reflection photography as a way of creating a more abstract view of London


Reflection photography is the art of capturing pictures in mirrored surfaces it forces you to glimpse at a scene in another way, and create a exclusive and emotive graphic. Like lots of outside photographers, I’d generally taken photographs that demonstrate reflections in lakes, but additional a short while ago I resolved to use reflection pictures as a way of creating a a lot more summary photograph, which brought about me to look at my environment in a total new standpoint.

Why did I start out capturing the photographs of Canary Wharf?

I’d describe my photography model as fairly eclectic, which leaves me a good deal of area for experimentation. I started photographing the reflections at the docks of Canary Wharf at the commence of November 2015. It was a foggy early morning, and I to begin with went with the intention of capturing the tower blocks disappearing in the haze of minimal clouds. By the time I arrived the clouds had cleared, earning way for shiny wintertime sunshine which authorized me to see the reflections in Canary Wharf for the first time.

Nick Joyner reflections

(Image credit score: Nick Joyner)

Nick Joyner reflections

(Graphic credit score: Nick Joyner)

This designed way for far more summary pictures, comparable to that of Mike Curry who tremendously conjures up me, although I was not mindful of his work till a minor later. By searching at my surroundings as a result of a different lens, I saw how the vivid colours of the buildings were reflected in the h2o of the docks, or how the reflections from diverse structures interacted with each and every other to produce intricate designs. At the time, I was so misplaced in the creativity and abstract that I felt like I experienced learned anything no just one else experienced – even though of class, this was not the case.

Nonetheless, a single of these photographs was commended in the 2016 Landscape Photographer of the Yr awards. By then I had returned a handful of instances, including substantially to the files on my challenging generate. There seemed to be an infinite selection of patterns to be found in the bodies of h2o that saved pulling me again.

Nick Joyner reflections

(Graphic credit history: Nick Joyner)

What camera options and tactics do I use?


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