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How to Start and Set Up an Online Art Store

How to Sell Art Online: The Ultimate Guide — Find an Idea (2021)

Integrating art with the internet world while selling art in the twenty-first century is mandatory for sales.  Most galleries have blogs and websites to compete with eBay through auction houses that advertise auction goods and sell them online to promote their artwork. 

Many new artists may use free web services to advertise their work since it is a good opportunity to follow them online. It might also be used to re-engage old customers or attract new ones. To get started, there are various possibilities on Luminablog to choose the best online stores you may want to replicate based on your budget. 

However, here are some tips on how to start and set up an online art store.

1. Photograph your work in high-resolution

If you aren’t a skilled photographer, get someone to do the job for you. They should be photographed in natural light with one or two detail shots for every component. You may crop your photographs such that the image is the only thing seen inside the frame if you’re a talented graphic designer.

2. Photograph all of your artwork in high-resolution

Ensure that each image has a resolution of at least 72 dots per inch (DPI), ideally greater. 72 dpi is commonly used for email, but bigger files may generally be posted to internet galleries.

3. Decide on the program or website you want to use

Subscribe to your intended website or program and follow instructions to the last. Since different sites demand various dimensions, make sure you edit your photographs on your device before publishing them. 

Follow the instructions on the gallery software to install relevant programs on your device and use the same step to organize changes to your gallery, which you’d then upload when they were finished.

4. Choose your artwork with attention

Keep in mind that some art pieces don’t capture well, so preserve them for exhibitions or galleries. You may also add a close-up image of a component and indicate a “detail” of a prior item. Write the artist’s name, title, medium, measurements, and price in the relevant caption boxes. Each detail should be provided to your consumers to assist them in making selections.

5. Set up a shopping cart on your website with contact details 

If you pick the latter, you should have a dedicated phone line and email address. Some websites and online galleries require an online shopping cart. If you’ve decided to sell your art using a shopping cart, make sure it works. Purchase a work of art and ensure that you receive notification regarding payment and shipment.

 6. Promote your gallery on the internet

This is merely the beginning of the process once your portfolio is up. You must utilize social media, email newsletters, blogs, studio pictures, and other methods to advertise your art. Update your artwork regularly.

7. Upload regularly

Make it a habit to publish new art, keep clients up to date, and often communicate via social media. In internet marketing, consistency is very vital.


It is a good idea to display your artwork online if you sell or create art. It may be used to reconnect with existing consumers or to attract new ones. There are a lot of choices, so pick the greatest online art gallery for your budget. Learn how to set up a digital art gallery by reading on.