July 19, 2024


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How to sell your artwork online

Traditional in-person sales venues like galleries are witnessing more and more internet transactions. Every year, more work is sold online rather than on conventional platforms. As a result, many fledgling galleries say that they have never met most of their collectors.

With a slower adoption of internet sales than other sectors, the creative arts have altered in the last five years. Online art purchases are becoming increasingly common for high-end fine art and specialist crafts. Desperate to cut out the middlemen, many artists choose to bypass galleries altogether.

This guide will show you how you can rest and focus on building beautiful online shops where you can start selling your artwork globally.

Sell your Art independently on your Own Site

You can sell your art online independently and show your passion through your work. Here is a great example of an independent fine art photographer.

Ejaz Khan Earth

Ejaz Khan is an independent filmmaker and wildlife fine art photographer. His website mainly focuses on wildlife conservation and black and white animal pictures wall art for decoration. If you have a passion for wildlife and want to contribute to the cause, you need to purchase wildlife fine art photography from Ejaz Khan Earth. Khan Earth.

Best places to sell artwork

Here, you will find the best sites to sell your beautiful artwork online.

  1. Fine Art America
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Online art marketplace and print-on-demand technology business Fine Art America. Over 100,000 artists, photographers, graphic designers, illustrators, and multinational companies have used their services since 2006.

By uploading photographs to FineArtAmerica.com, artists may quickly sell their work to a worldwide audience of purchasers through the internet, mobile devices, and in-person. Fine Art America handles orders for artists.

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ArtPal is a free online gallery that represents over 170,000 artists worldwide. To enable consumers to purchase art, artists may opt to sell their things or utilize ArtPal’s print-on-demand tools. Artists may now offer both originals and prints side by side, too. Nowadays, buying products online has been rising. 

For artists, ArtPal also includes comprehensive tools on marketing, pricing, and setting professional objectives. Artists wishing to improve their commercial abilities will find it helpful.

Opening an ArtPal gallery is quick and easy.

  1. Amazon
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Amazon? True. After a brief hiatus, Amazon launched an Amazon Art section in 2013. They even have guest curators to give the internet market a gallery atmosphere. There is a pre-approval procedure for selling your paintings on Amazon. A few exceptions apply. Exemptions include original paintings, sketches, watercolors, two-dimensional mixed arts, photography, and prints. Sorry sculptors, three-dimensional art is disallowed.

  1. Etsy
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Craft and antique marketplace Etsy was launched in 2005. The ad states, “Shop creative persons everywhere.” Do you need to sell goods fast online? Sculptor or furniture maker? You fit in—nominal listing and transaction fees with Etsy. They provide their sellers with everything from branding and marketing guides to tips on how to de-stress bookkeeping. Over 1 million active suppliers are not surprising. This will be a good platform for your artwork.

Screenshot 2021-11-01 000547.png

Artfinder is a London-based gallery with a worldwide reach. Setting up your free storefront is as simple as accepting it. A selection procedure is required to join. Artwork and a brief statement are required from artists. Artfinder receives a 30%-40% cut on sales. 

Final thought

Selling artwork requires strong communication and patience. The first step is to expose oneself as an artist. Keep networking and informing your community about your activities. Lastly, remember that even if no one is purchasing your paintings today, they may in a year, or perhaps two.