July 13, 2024


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How to make your first movie look authentic and professional

<strong>How to make your first movie look authentic and professional</strong>
<strong>How to make your first movie look authentic and professional</strong>

Whether you are just filming your first movie as a project for college or whether you are hoping that it will become the next big thing on YouTube or TikTok, it is important that you get some things right from the start in order to see your movie as a success and not only in your eyes but in the eyes of all those viewers that you are hoping to impress.

#1 Choose the right script

Obviously, it is important that you find the right script for your own personal style of filming as well as make sure that it is good quality. This will ensure that you get your name known for all of the right reasons rather than for the wrong ones, although you do have to keep in mind that everyone that has endeavored to make a movie has at one time, or another produced a bad one.

#2 Make sure that your location fits the bill

With this in mind, you are going to have to find the perfect location for your movie that fits what the script dictates or a suitable studio to hire out that offers the right amount of room for all of the scenes that you are going to require it for as well as enough backstage areas for your actors, wardrobe, props and make-up areas, as well as everything else that you are going to require during the course of the filming.

#3 Use the right props

When it comes to props, it is essential that you get the right era of items, you will find that there will be many people that have strong interests in different periods of time, and if you get your props wrong, you will be inundated with posts on whatever platform your viewers can find you to point out your mistakes.

If you are looking to hire out a studio rather than go to a location, you will have to make sure that you can get your large props into your chosen studio. For instance, getting a car into a small studio on the fourth floor could be a challenge for even the most open-minded person. Whereas if you are out on location and requiring a car, there are specialist car transport companies such as Shiply who will be able to help you.

#4 Hire Actors to bring your story to life

Although many big movie businesses try to get the most well-known actors to play their prominent roles, this is not always the best ploy. In fact, there are many up-and-coming actors that are particularly good at their art and probably a deal fresh out of acting school too. These actors may not be able to carry your little movie with their name, but you may very well find that their acting skills can bring a certain freshness to your story, which could actually spell the beginning of their stardom and your blossoming career at the same time.