July 15, 2024


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How To Fix Fading, Chalking or Blistering Pool Paint

How To Fix Fading, Chalking or Blistering Pool Paint

If you have a pool, it probably gets a lot of use during the summer season. It may be surprising that over time, there is really nothing to stop the consequences of frequent use. These consequences are fading, chalking, or blistering and bubbling paint in your pools. However, there are some steps you can take to avoid the worst situations of fading paint or to solve your current paint problems.

Fix Fading Paint On Your Pool

Pools that are painted will eventually lose their brightness over time. You can brighten up your paint with acid wash. This is a way to remove anything that dulls a paint job. Here’s how to brighten your fading paint using acid wash:

· Clean the pool with a solution of mixed muriatic acid and a lot of water
· Rinse until all solution is gone
· Refill with water

Repair Chalking, Blistering Pool Paint Problems

Even worse than a simple fading is a chalking or blistering, bubbling paint job. Painted surfaces that haven’t been protected or that see a lot of wear will break down as time passes. And your pool is probably one of the places where you’ll see this the most. Dull water, and residue from feet or hands can cause these situations.

Your best solution with chalking or blistering paint is to completely repaint your pools. But you should try to paint it so that you’ll never have to be bothered with the chore again. The way to do this is to choose a protective, resistant paint that has a guarantee of not breaking down. Look for paints that can be safely used on your pool’s surface. If you have a concrete pool, this is especially important. Not every paint can be used on a concrete surface and provide protection as well as a long-lasting paint job.

One of the best pool paint for concrete and other pools is in the Zinsser Blue Swimming Pool Paint. This unique paint offers renewing and protection for your swimming pool and can also be used to decorate and add color to almost any kind of hard surface swimming pools, including gunite, plastered swimming pools, and concrete as well as any kind of masonry surfaces. The formula of this pool paint has been specialized so that it is ready for use on above or below ground swimming pools. You don’t need a primer or any kind of topcoat. The Zinsser Blue Swimming Pool Paint is a great option for homeowners who need protection and renewal for their swimming pool paint.