July 13, 2024


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How Art Influences Childhood Development

How Art Influences Childhood Development

As you know, our brain is divided into two hemispheres. Each hemisphere processes information differently. Reading, writing, arithmetic, and science, are all activities that are primarily controlled by the left hemisphere of the brain. This hemisphere is responsible for rational and analytical thought.

The right hemisphere of the brain controls imagination, visual and spatial perception. It’s dominant in art, music, and physical movement. Drawing and the arts exercise a portion of the brain that is increasingly being regarded as not being important (educationally speaking). Funding for art programs across the country is being slashed or outright eliminated to the detriment of our children.

Children learn best when both sides of their brains are stimulated. This occurs when the learning environment is both participatory and interactive. The modern classroom does have a participatory side but it is sorely lacking in interactivity. Drawing and art is one of the best ways to bring interactivity into your child’s life.
Drawing and art s develop many important aspects of a child’s ability including but not limited to:

    1. Increased ability to focus on the task at hand which carries over into all areas of the child’s life.
    2. Right brain stimulation, which is crucial to the development of the “whole child”. Do not under estimate the importance of creativity, the ability to think abstractly (out of the box). The best thinkers, inventors, and entrepreneurs of our time have a healthy dose of right brain influence.
    3. Able to better understand visual, spatial, and perceptual tasks essential to the creative process.

      4. Its fun and leads to interest in other artistic endeavors.
      5. Promotes problem solving ability.
      6. Self expression.
      7. Promotes increased focus, which enhances learning.
      8. Increased confidence that carries over into other areas.
      9. A sense of individuality and the importance of individual style.

Art increases cognitive ability and drawing is the primary building block in artistic expression. Kids start to draw when they’re very young and will continue to draw if they feel they can learn to draw better. Help your child become a better learner and thinker by continuing their education in art.