July 13, 2024


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For Candid Wedding Photography – Digital Photography is the Way to Go

For Candid Wedding Photography – Digital Photography is the Way to Go

Candid Photography–Digital Photography–A Great Combination!

I have to chuckle when I remember my first digital camera. I believe the resolution on it was around one (1) megapixels. That was around 12 years ago. My arsenal today includes two cameras with 12 megapixels each. Digital photography has been a real blessing for brides and their families because it has cut the photographers costs considerably.

Capturing the Moment Candid photography or photojournalism simply means that most shots taken by the professional photographer are spur of the moment shots-not the posed, formal stuff that usually fills bridal albums. It’s really a matter of choice. Most of the weddings I have done were heavy on the candid side but I am always certain to get some formal shots, which will appeal more to the older folks (you know-the ones paying for it).

Tips When Selecting a Photographer

If you haven’t booked your photographer yet, here are a few tips in making your choice:

1. Ask about his camera equipment. If he isn’t using digital, ask why. There are still a few holdouts that believe you will always be able to buy a roll of film. But don’t bank on it.

2. There will always be controversy over which make camera is best. For me Nikon and Canon are top-of-the-line. The rest are just trying to catch up.

3. I shot over 250 weddings in the past using film cameras and ended up with boxes and boxes of negatives and proofs-enough to fill the back of my pickup truck, Today my assistant and I shoot 700-800 images between us, which all fit on a DVD. That solves a massive storage problem.

4. Look for a photographer that provides all of the digital images on CDs or DVDs and offers you a copyright release. Also… many offer to put all images up on a website so guests can download what they want. While some photographers offer packages vs. ala carte, packages are usually a better deal.