July 23, 2024


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Fluid Rhythm – KALTBLUT Magazine


A KALTBLUT exclusive. Art direction and styling by Alessandro Chelazzi. Photography by Mary Ianniciello. Talents are Lorenzo, Francesco, Chiara, Maddalena, Yusbwoi, Aneta, Ema, Pasquale and Francesca. Makeup by Stella Izzo.

Fluid Rhythm – KALTBLUT Magazine

“Have they always taught us to be a perfect, canonical form, limited in its boundaries and if we realized that we are like water? Fluids. Pure. Free.”

“Fluid Rhythm is a project that was born in Naples, in a structure called Ex Asilo Filangieri, a former convent, now occupied by an artistic community, with open and boundless borders, which is entrusted with the property in which cultural and social activities are carried out non-profit. At the project, they posed nine young guys, each of them with their own uniqueness, body and emotions.

Each subject through styling and make-up “tells” the story of each of them, up to the shot that captures with tightness the beauty and the flowing rhythm of each subject. The main purpose of the whole creative team was to test themselves, exposing their fears and emotions, so as to create an intimate atmosphere, where the guys told their world on a neutral background of a contemporary Naples, that brings together and knows different ethnicities, bodies, genres, ways of thinking etc.

This made us reflect how even today, the theme of diversity is still for some areas of Italy and the world, something that still needs to be specified or hidden in the worst cases, but we who are the new generation, want it in every way to say that “Different is beautiful”, photographing it, dressing it and making it up in various ways, until this no longer becomes discriminatory reason by that slice of people still linked to a past world of limitations.

The main purpose is to make everyone understand it, to draw inspiration from it, almost to mean “you can do it too, feel free”. Peace and love.”

Art director/ stylist: Alessandro Chelazzi @alessandro.chelazzi
Photographer: Mary Ianniciello @yram_innai
Make-up artist: Stella Izzo @stellart_mua

Talent: Lorenzo @itslornz – Francesco @francesco.ra – Chiara @orincopassero – Maddalena @_maddalenap – Yusbwoi @yus_bwoi – Aneta @anetamakaviciute – Ema @emakaiser – Pasquale @percyx__ – Francesca @francy_riccardi

Fashion designer: Alessandro Chelazzi @alessandro.chelazzi – Carmela Mormile
@carmela_mormile_ – @mew.colors
jewel: Silvia D’Ambrosio @silviadambrosio_jewellery
Location: Ex Asilo Filangieri @l_asilo
Special thanks to Francesca Riccardi @francy_riccardi


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