July 19, 2024


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Finding Art on T-Shirts and Skateboards

This is not where you expect to find great graphic art. But it’s there!

And, I think that it’s about time the world discovered Philip McCobb’s fantastic graphic designs, illustrations and art. Even if you have to buy a T-shirt or skateboard to do it.

First a little about the artist. Philip was brought up around the world. He was born in El Salvador, spent his early years in Japan being indoctrinated into Japanese comic books and television characters, then to Italy for his teens immersed in the great classic artists. With that beginning it’s not surprising he developed an eclectic style expressed in vibrant colors put in bold broad strokes.

Then he was off to school where he attended the School of Visual Arts in New York City, where his graphic artistic skills were honed and brought to a new level.

Done with his formal education he jumped into the commercial world where his art met the real world, and those who saw it, loved it. Over time Philip took his art through many styles as he developed his ability to express his creative ideas. Along the way he picked up web design and handling online production for commercial printing projects.

But while still pursuing and producing commercial art and illustrations for his clients, Philip is embarking on a new project to design and sell T-shirts and skateboard decks that reflect his love for bold and innovative design. You can only imagine T-shirts that have the name Southwestern Voodoo, Armadillo in the Sky, Blue Whale and Trick or Treat. His latest skate board deck named after the capitol of Texas, Austin, is a dynamic representation of that city and an excellent example of his current work.

So whether you are into T-shirts and skateboards or not, but you love and appreciate bold innovative art, pay a visit to Philip McCobb’s website and see what he and his graphic art is all about. You’ll love the trip.