July 23, 2024


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Eight Digital Photography Tips For Christmas

As the song says, “Christmas is the best time of the year.” This is the time when families come over to eat a nice dinner together and feel that love and giving in the air. With a moment like this, it is right to capture this moment through digital photography and here are the steps to capture that memory right on stills.

1. Prepare a list: In Christmas photography, it is important for you to have your digital camera ready. However, remember that the most frustrating thing that may happen in photography is when your camera ran out of disk space or batter so make sure you have fully charged the battery or have spare ones and sufficient space in your memory card.

2. Set up a portrait zone of your own: Find a good back drop or create yourself one where you can get nice pictures of everyone.

3. Capture the preparation stage: Want to be artistic? Capture your family members right on the act of preparing the food, wrapping gifts, and when they put d├ęcor on the area. And with the perfect angle, you will have flowing and expressive stills with their movements.

4. Find point of interest but just per shot: Set your camera to focus on just one item in photography. This will give you a very artistic shot suited for the occasion. Remember, less focal point is more in photography.

5. Arrange all family members for a group photo: Nothing will beat the memory of family members getting together for Christmas. Arrange the family members on right positions to get the best shot that will remind you of this Christmas season.

6. Make sure that Christmas photos fill your frame: Do not waste too much frame space. You will make a better focal point by zooming in to your subject with the appropriate angle and lighting.

7. Go close when taking pictures: This is connected with the sixth tip. Most of the time, zooming in may not give the best angle and shot so it is better to go closer to your object to fill the whole frame space.

8. Take the pictures without the flash turned on: Most of the time, flash distorts the expression of the photography. So better take pictures without flash even at night and let the Christmas light elucidate a natural feel on your photography.

By doing these steps, you will have pictures as if taken by a professional photographer, suited for a special occasion of the year.