July 15, 2024


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Downtown Long Beach – Entertainment in the City

Downtown Long Beach – Entertainment in the City

Visitors to Long Beach, California will find a city full of life and entertainment along the beach. Just when you think that it can’t get better, there’s more to see and do. You don’t have to hang out on the shore during your entire vacation. You might be surprised at all the fun that you can find when you get away from the beaches and waterfront attractions

Downtown Long Beach is a major metropolitan city with much to offer. Venture into the urban center and you’ll find a delightful mix of new and old. Historic Art Deco buildings house modern restaurants and hot night clubs. Trendy shopping districts and hip art galleries line the thoroughfare — Pine Avenue and the surrounding downtown streets.

In addition to the nightlife, Downtown Long Beach is the cultural center of the city. Art festivals, theatre openings and live music is easy to find.

Theatre-goers have their pick of the International City Theatre, the Found Theatre, and the Garage Theater. Music lovers can attend events at the Long Beach Opera, the Symphony Orchestra, or the Terrace Theatre. Art aficionados will enjoy browsing the many galleries set up in vacant retail spaces throughout the area. No space goes wasted, every place you look you will find something to do.

Visitors to Long Beach should also take time to visit The Pike, an open air center with quaint pathways and an ambiance that is unmatched elsewhere in town. The Pike has restaurants, a movie-theatre, retail and attractions. Families can play all afternoon and ride the Ferris Wheel. Then, at night the adults take over spilling out of bars on their way to the Laugh Factory.

There is so much to see and do in a city this size. Downtown Long Beach is way to sample some of the best the city has to offer. If you’re looking to experience art, culture, and demand freedom of choice in your entertainment, then Downtown is where it’s at.