July 23, 2024


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Celtic Art In Cross Stitch – Basic Medieval Stitch Designs & Instructions

Art patterns coming from Celts are well known for being vague. Yet the intricate outlines are revered by one and all. Celtic or Celts were more of being a tribe than a complete nation. The rulers for the tribe would be a Queen, a King or even a Chieftain. The roots of their tribe were dispersed all over the European continent and went as far as some fraction of Asia.

History has it that for centuries together Celts ruled over Turkey, Spain, Germany and Britain. The simple reason as to why even today the celtic cross stitch is so famous and prominent is because the people of Celt were wandering souls thus spreading their art form to all places they went. You shall be amazed to know that the art is no less than 25 centuries old. A few patterns are dated around 500 B.C. You can view the basic introductions to this cross stitch art.

Celts were considerably documented for their innovation and also d├ęcor of all possessions. If compared with those times most of their possessions were embedded with highly vague celtic patterns. One could observe their unusual patterns over all their belongings like clothes, shields, utensils, vessels, and swords and even decorated their walls with similar patterns.

Their passion for their art was reflected in the their jewellery and all the way to having similar patterns as tattoos on the body areas. Not much has changed with time. They still have belief in their mystic nature, and in the old days of the civilization they had many myths and stories that depicted legendary creatures. A close look at their ornaments will revel that such creatures were an indispensable element of their life.

Today Celtic art has its limitation; the design pattern is now mostly seen on craftwork done on armory products like Swords and shields. Nothing to be disappointed about embroideries and tattoos are keeping the traditional craft alive. With time there have been some encouraging additions to this art for instance clip arts, illustrations and stamps.

Most Irish, English and Spanish or German homes are decorated with some or the other design typically showcasing celtic cross stitch. One can find such beautiful patterns on the bed sheets, pillow covers and wall frame. Its not that after centuries have passed this art is facing extinction, there many still have a taste for all things classic and ethnic in nature and style like Celtic cross stitch embroidery. What impresses most it that this form of art is relevant and appealing today as well?

Cross stitch embroidery is one such beautiful art that allows us to explore with several ideas. The patterns are so easy to learn and then follow that after a while it’s a free wheeling process of creating art out of nothing. There is so much with simple lines turning into a magnificent piece of rich colored craftsmanship.

These patterns are vivacious and audacious at the same time. The patterns are easily available and also with available for the beginners to the experts. They are just not easy to make but also can be found in patterns and designs suiting your needs, there are many like those for birthday gifts to special occasions. Knots as well as spirals patterns are there in Celtic cross stitch patterns to cater to your needs.

So what are you waiting for, go out and buy one. You could gift one of these beautiful things as a gift to friends and close ones. Why just buy for gifting away and why not make one that you could always admire for being the special art piece in the living room.