July 19, 2024


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Azimuth Festival: Celebrating Music and Arts in Culture

MTArt Agency - Azimuth Festival

Also known as the most prominent cultural festival across Saudi Arabia, the Azimuth festival was already announced for the Al Ula. This has been a three-day festival. This festival is the perfect example of food, music, film, art, and history, all under one platform and celebrated at the Unesco World Heritage Site.

Guests, who had been a part of this cultural festival, witnessed the perfect clash of Western and Eastern cultural influences. It comes in handy with the live music experience, along with a fantastic world-class food experience all the way through.

Focusing on the food arena:

You can learn about the details of this festival from any source online, but being a part of this cultural festival has its charm to it, which can’t be described in words. The food section came up with some of the top chefs worldwide. Some of the most prominent names as seen in the Azimuth festival are:

  • Nuno Mendes from Portugal
  • Alex Atala, the Brazilian-Palestinian restaurateur
  • Garima Aroma, a famous Indian chef
  • Fabian Von Hauske and Jeremiah Stone, the creators of Contra and Wildair

Apart from some delectable cuisines worldwide, this festival had some of the major musical acts of all time. There was a lot of EDM on the plate, which the guests enjoyed thoroughly throughout the celebration of 3 days.

The main goal of this event is to mark the end of Tantora winter festival running every weekend since the start of December 19th! This music festival is undoubtedly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take a trip.

Tickets were made available:

Tickets were divided into different packages to help people choose whichever they wanted. 

  • Single-day tickets were available to the event, where guests could visit only one day of the 3-day music festival.
  • For those who wanted to visit each day of the music festival, three-day season passes were available as a “one-time” investment for the entire festivity.
  • The single-day tickets were mostly 1828 riyals.
  • Before moving in with the tickets, people could check out the itinerary in detail. With organized ground transfers, meals and refreshments, and even live performances, all were included in the price.
  • However, the accommodations, excursions, and flights were not included in the one-day ticket prices, and people had to get that separately.
  • The one-day itinerary consisted of a lunch, which was cooked by Alex Atala, along with a live musical performance, followed by a Michelin-starred gastronomic experience from Fabian Von Hauske and Jeremiah Stone of Contra.

Your experience at the Azimuth festival will surely be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It must be visited at least once if you love music festivals and art. With good food and an electric ambiance, you will fall in love with this festival even more!