July 13, 2024


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Adorn Your Body With Cross Tattoo Designs

Adorn Your Body With Cross Tattoo Designs

The most common perception of cross tattoo designs is religious symbolism, although the different designs can have a wide assortment of meaning. There are many variations of cross tattoo designs from the Saint Andrew’s cross to the iron cross. The design this article will explore is Celtic cross designs.

Celtic cross designs are extremely popular and are most often a combination of two symbols of various designs. The Latin cross and a circle are the foundation of Celtic crosses. It is thought that this cross was first introduced by St. Patrick, Christians are well aware of St. Patrick who attempted to convert pagan Irish people. However there are meanings beyond religious ideals attached to Celtic cross designs. For example, the Druids in the ancient world considered it a phallic symbol. The cross represents or symbolizes the sun to those who practice neo-paganism.

Yet another popular use for Celtic designs is the message of love. Love evokes great emotion in the human spirit and this can happen with Celtic cross designs, adding to the strength of a design and even more reason to consider Celtic cross tattoos for your body. Many times you will see a design with interweaving curves which has no end, the same idea as what a wedding ring symbolizes. It has no end and these loops represent the continuity of life and death. The death part of this statement signifies a connection with ancestors.

I’ve mentioned that crosses are closely connected to religious symbolization but in actuality Celtic cross designs are closer in similarity to tribal tattoos than the Christian cross when considering their meaning. When comparing tribal tattoos to Celtic cross tattoos you will notice the similarity is that they generally communicate a feeling rather than representing the cross that Jesus was crucified on.

Regardless what cross tattoo design you are considering you should conduct a through research of all the different designs to find a design that closely represents your reason for desiring such a tattoo. My goal would be to determine my top few designs and then consider how one could combine the detail from each that is most appropriate to my vision. I would not be shy about joining forums to communicate my ideas to those with similar interests, and to solicit their thoughts and experiences. This can be an extremely powerful tool in your endeavor to have a tattoo that is one of a kind and speaks to others about you simply by having it exposed.

When this occurs, your probably have been successful in developing the perfect piece of art for you, and isn’t that what this is all about?

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